FAQ about the Products

What are the ingredients of the fish sauce ?
The main ingredients of the fish sauce are anchovy and solar salt, flavored with little amount of sugar.
What are the characteristics of high-quality naturally-fermented fish sauce ?
A high-quality fish sauce can be observed from its color, aroma and taste. The fish sauce that is naturally fermented is clear, and has no sediment but it might contain a slight amount of salt crystal and its color is reddish-brown like the color of cognac or cherry liquor. If the fish sauce is pale or dark brown, it is possible that it is not of high-quality. This discoloration might also be due to the use of decomposed fish. Good fish sauce should have a pleasant aroma with UMAMI (delicious) taste.
A strong fishy unpleasant odor and a prominent salty taste are all characteristics of inferior fish sauce. Negative characteristics that are, proudly, not to be found in Rayong Fish Sauce Industry Co., Ltd.'s products.
Is fish sauce nutritious ?
Even though fish sauce is mainly used for seasoning food, high-quality fish sauce is a source of several minerals and vitamins. These include essential amino acids, particularly lysine. Vitamin B12 in the amount of 1-4 mg. in 100 ml. is also a benefit of quality fish sauce such as the products produced by Rayong Fish Sauce Industry Co., Ltd.
What is the "crystal-like" substance which is often found in a fish sauce bottle ?
Sometimes, crystal-like substances are observed at the bottom of fish sauce bottles that have been stored at low temperatures. This is quite common as crystallization of salt takes place when products are stored at the above mentioned temperatures. The same phenomena can also be observed when fish sauce is left in a small saucer for a while.
Is fish sauce considered as "rotten" when it becomes dark after opening ?
Fish sauce contains many amino acids that can undergo browning when exposed to air. Therefore, it is often found that when fish sauce is opened and shaken for use, brown color develops. However, this does not imply that the fish sauce is rotten. Its taste may slightly change. Fish sauce filled in PET bottles turns darker at a faster rate than those filled in glass bottles. The rate of oxygen permeation through a plastic bottle is faster than in glass bottle.
What is histamine ?
When anchovy begins to decompose, it starts to accumulate histamine due to the action of spoilage bacteria. Consumption of the high amount of histamine can cause the allergic reaction known as histamine food poisoning or scombrotoxism. A high-quality fish sauce (> 12% protein or > 20 g/L nitrogen) produced from fresh anchovy should have histamine levels not exceeding 200 ppm. Fish sauce with a high level of histamine implies that it was made from decomposed fish. Therefore, the amount of histamine can be used as an index to measure the quality of fish sauce. The fish sauce with >10% protein (or > 15 g/L TN) should contain histamine levels less than 150 ppm. Total nitrogen or protein content must be taken into consideration when reviewing histamine content.
Do fish sauce products from RFI comply with EU and Canadian regulation on histamine level ?
Our products havequality standards following those of the EU (European Union). We are able and proud to produce fish sauce which has histamine levels less than 200 ppm. in regards to the requirements of EUand Canadian markets. Our company is considered as the first manufacturer to develop the fermentation process to produce fish sauce with these desirable low levels of histamine.
What nutrients do we get after consuming fish sauce ?
Fish sauce contains relevant levels of protein, amino acids, and iodine (fish sauce added iodine).
FAQ about Rayong Fish Sauce Industry Co., Ltd.

What is the area of business in Thailand operated by Rayong Fish Sauce Co., Ltd. ?
RFI or Rayong Fish Sauce Industry Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and distributor of fish sauce products under its own brands, together with making quality products to order under trademarks of other companies. The markets of our products are in four continents; U.S.A., Africa, Europe, and Asia.
Who are the customers of the company ?
Distributors, wholesalers,exporters,importers, and manufacturers of food products who share the same high quality standards that are the cornerstone of the success of Rayong Fish Sauce Industry Co., Ltd.
What are the company's business objectives in foreign countries ?
Our products are ordered from retail shops which sell the products for Asian people. These shops include supermarkets, hypermarkets and food producers from several countries in Europe, together with export distributors who order the products for distributing to sell in U.S.A., Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and China.
How does the company differ from other fish sauce producers ?
We believe that high-quality fish sauce has to be made from high-quality raw materials and a superior production process that has been handed down from generation to generation. Our company prides itself with ability to pay attention to stringent raw material selection, research and development as well as implementation of the quality management control systems that have been accepted internationally in the areas of quality and safety.
What are the new products of Rayong Fish Sauce Industry Co., Ltd. apart from fish sauce ?
The company puts strong emphasis on the research and development of new products. Recently, the company has launched several new products including dipping chili sauces under the brand "Wiset" which means Royal Chef. The products are Spicy dipping sauce known as Jaew and Shrimp paste dip known as Nam Prik Ka-pi and shrimp paste in order to be marketed domestically and abroad.
How do RFI company's products differ from fish sauce products of other producers ?
The company selects only the best raw materials before making a hygienic, safe and standardized fermentation. Furthermore, the company prides itself in the use of advanced production technology in order to maintain thetraditional Thai recipe, therefore guaranteeing the traditional Thai taste that was implemented by our founders. By adhering to these high standards we can confidently produce quality products that are guaranteed to be hygenic, safe, and nutritious. These values and traditions provide our consumers with the trust that they have not only come to expect from Rayong Fish Sauce Industry Co., Ltd., but a trust that they deserve.