About our Company

Rayong Fish Sauce Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1954 by Mr. SU MU YANG and Mr. SU WEN CHU. The company started from a small plant located at Muang District, Rayong Province, a place that well-known for good fish sauce production in Thailand. The business began as a small fish sauce factory and gradually grew to one of the original leading fish sauce factories of Thailand.

Following the original philosophies based on the founders' high standards, the executives from generation to generation continuously passed on their experience and passion in the production of quality fish sauce. Combined with advanced manufacturing technology and the standard management system, Rayong Fish Sauce Industry Co., Ltd. has maintained their reputation of providing customers with a quality and genuine fish sauce. The products of Rayong Fish Sauce Industry Co., Ltd. have a fresh reddish-brown color, no unpleasant sediment, a delightful aroma and feature a great taste popular with both domestic and foreign consumers.

From the beginning until today, the fish sauce under Hoi Pao Hae Brand (Abalone Brand), Platip, Smed of Rayong Fish Sauce Industry Co., Ltd. are accepted and trusted by numerous customers. In addition, many customers order the products to distribute and/or repack them under their own trademarks both domestically and internationally including U.S.A., Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa. The company's products are well-known throughout the world with approved international standards. Rayong Fish Sauce Industry Co., Ltd. simply makes Thai fish sauce of excellent quality and brings the delicious taste of typical Thai food to customers around the world.

Awards and Accreditation Standards

  • BRC Certified

    is the standard of production control, quality management relevant to the production, sanitation, and food safety which was developed by the British Retail Consortium or Retail Business Association of the United Kingdom.

  • HACCP Certified (Hazard Analysis Critical Control)

    is the standard of production which includes preventive measures towards chemical, biological and physical contamination in food.

  • GMP Certified (Good Manufacturing Practice)

    is the quality control system for manufacturing which emphasizes on the importance of hygiene and good sanitation in food production in the scopes of human, place, factory, machinery and animal-insect control.



  • Thailand Brand

    is the Products Certificate Logo from the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand.

  • TIS 3-2526

    is the industry standard certified by the Ministry of Industry, Thailand.

  • Halal

    Fish Sauce Brand:
        "Abalone (Hoi Pao Hae)"
        No : 71 288 004 01 43
    Fish Sauce Brand:
        No : 71 288 001 01 43
    Fish Sauce Brand:
        No : 71 288 002 01 43
    Fish Sauce Brand:
        "Cook & Lobster"
        No : 71 288 033 07 53
    Fish Sauce Brand:
        "Pla-tae (Gold Label)
        No : 71 288 047 06 57
    Shrimp Paste Dip (KAPI):
        "Wiset" Brand
        No : 76 288 024 07 51
    Spicy Dipping Sauce
        (Nam Chim Chaeo):
        "Wiset" Brand
        No : 78 288 025 07 51