All products of Rayong Fish Sauce Industry Co.,Ltd. are filled with good taste, and are produced under high standards with careful selection of raw materials.

The Fish Sauce

Rayong Fish Sauce Industry Co., Ltd. produces three kinds of high quality fish sauce which are produced from fresh and high-quality anchovy. In addition the company produces chili and chili sauce products in order to meet the needs of consumers.

  • Abalone Brand Fish Sauce (Premium Grade)

    is the super premium fish sauce containing 16% protein

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  • Abalone Brand all Purpose Sauce (Premium Grade)

    Clear amber, pleasant fish sauce odor with umami taste

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  • Platip Brand Fish Sauce
    (Grade A)

    is the first grade fish sauce with TIS Standard 3-2526.

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  • Smed Brand Fish Sauce
    (Grade B)

    is the fish sauce fortified with iodine and iron.

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  • Cook & Lobster Brand Fish Sauce (Standard Grade)

    Cook & Lobster to Thai Dishes.
    No Artificial Colors, No MSG,
    No Preservatives, No 3-MCPD

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  • Pla-tae Fish Sauce
    (Gold Label)

    Clear reddish brown with fragrance fish sauce aroma and full with umami

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  • Other Packing Containers
    for Industries

    flexi-bag, intermediate bulk container, flexible intermediate bulk container (space kraft), PE drum, & Jerrycan are available.

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The Shrimp Paste Dip and the Spicy Dipping Sauce made from Fish Sauce

  • Shrimp Paste Dip (KAPI)
    "Wiset" brand

    is the chili sauce made from high-quality shrimp paste (Ka-pi) prepared under hygienic conditions offering a good taste that is rich in protein and calcium.

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  • Spicy Dipping Sauce (Nam Chim Chaeo)"Wiset" brand

    made from fish sauce and dried chili pepper, known among Thais as "Jaew" is a high-quality chili sauce, with good taste. It is hygienic and free from chemical contaminations.

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