Quality fish sauce is produced by a natural process of fermentation. Good quality fish sauce need between 12-18 months to ferment. RFI still believe that the traditional process can not be accelerated and is still the only way to produce to top quality fish sauce. RFI use only the freshest catch from the sea. Only the fresh fish produce top quality fish sauce with a higher protein content and lower level of histamine.

Process for high quality fish sauce production

Raw Material Selection

The fish that Rayong Fish Sauce Industry Co., Ltd. uses are fresh from the sea. They are carefully chosen to maintain the products' high quality and good taste. Our products pass under regular quality inspections.

Fermentation Process

Rayong Fish Sauce Industry Co., Ltd. mixes selected fresh anchovy with salt in the specific ratio before fermenting for 12-18 months to yield fish sauce with full flavor and aroma. The company follows stringent hygienic processes in fermentation.


After being fermented, the fish sauce is passed through a 5-step filtration process to obtain clear reddish fish sauce.


The fish sauce is filled into a glass previously rinsed with hot water to assure the product's cleanliness.