Special Menu

Gaeng Massaman Nuea

Beef Massaman Curry

Desired result: the beef is tender and fragrant. The curry soup has a perfect consistency and a shiny, red texture on the top. The flavor is sweet and spicy...

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Tom Yum Goong

clear spicy prawn soup

Desired result: the prawn are soft and perfectly cooked with no foul smell. The soup is red with prawn's oil on the surface. The flavor should be a little sour but not too...

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Kao Klook Gapi
Moo Warn

fried rice with shrimp paste and sweet pork

desired result: the rice is soft with even colors and fragrant from the shrimp paste. The texture is not too soggy...

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Nam Prik Gapi

spicy dried shrimp dip

desired result: the dip should be neither too thick nor too clear. The taste should be savory and not hot or spicy. The shrimp paste should not have a fishy smell...

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Nuea Yarng

grilled beef with spicy dipping sauce

desired result: the grilled beef is fragrant and not too dry. It is also tender with a sweet taste. Paired with spicy dipping sauce (jaew)..

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Salad Talay-saab (Tao-Kua)

southern-style pork salad with tofu, eggs, and rice noodles

desired result: the pork meat is succulent and the organs are perfectly cooked. This dish is not too spicy...

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